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Our Raw Vegan Approach to Weaning Baby D

It always amazes me how fast time flies! And however excited I am for baby D to start trying food. I'm also conscious that there is no rush for her to start eating and that these first 6 months is all about exploring and learning about textures, tastes and smells.

A novel approach

As I look through the messages in our WhatsApp chat with all my due date mummies (none of us actually gave birth on our due date! 16th July), the excitement of weaning has begun. Some are a few weeks older than baby D and have started trying food and I am loving seeing the babies in messy high chairs with smiley faces.

The only problem is, none of the routes my mummy friends have taken is the route we're taking, and as I hunt online I find no one else who is following our approach from Karen Ranzi's Creating Healthy Children

So I wanted to do a post to document the journey and share with other parents wanting to take a similar path.

When to start?

Contrary to mainstream advice

“It is fundamental that the infant receives mainly mother’s milk for most of the first year of life. The child should not be given solid food to chew until there are many teeth.”.

Wait what!?! I thought you could give them baby rice at 4 months to help them “sleep through”.

Ok before we go any further I want to caveat that this post is not what you will find on baby expert sites or weaning advice from the government. So if that's who you follow then maybe this isn't for you. I've always liked doing my own research and going against the norm. Much to the confusion of my parents!

I remember when my son had just turned 1 and was eating a variety of fresh raw food and some avocado and salad greens. I got so many comments and “advice” (you know the ones!) that he shouldn't be relying on breastmilk.

Breastmilk is the most amazing and even after age 1 there are still so many benefits I remember him getting all kinds of illnesses including scarlet fever and croup which passed us by without any fuss.

“Some babies don’t ask for or require solid foods until closer to two years of age.”

Famly mealtimes

In her book, Karen Ranzi says

“It’s best not to establish fixed mealtimes. Instead, permit your growing child to eat when hungry. Encourage your child to chew thoroughly.'

Our highchair

First foods

“When starting solid foods, choose a tiny piece of easily digested fruit such as a ripe banana, to avoid choking, and observe any reaction. Children who begin eating before they’re ready often develop allergies.”

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Our Raw Vegan Approach to Weaning Baby D

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